Saturday, 14 November 2009

Scrapbooking - dangerous????

Well who would have thought that a nice hobby like scrapbooking would be dangerous? Last night I was sitting at my desk doing a LO when I got up to get something, lost my balance and fell down! All the fault of this silly shoe I am having to wear at the moment, see this post here for a photo of my shoe. Thankfully I was not really hurt - just a bit sore as I landed on my hip and my wrist. So beware scrapping can be dangerous!

In my last post about the cybercrop Kathy asked how the teams worked. Everyone who registers for the CC is allocated to a team, there are differing points for the classes and challenges and when you complete and upload them you can claim the points for your team. All the classes are uploaded to a PDF file which you download and then follow the instructions. At the end of the CC the winning team is announced - just a bit of fun really!

I have managed to do one challenge and one LO so far.

The challenge was to do a LO featuring travel. I chose photos from our visit to Legoland last October, the top one is of Andrew and I and the bottom one is John and myself on a couple of the less scary rides!

The class that I managed to do was Somewhere Over the Rainbow by ifa. It was a really good class and a great way to use up some of my stash of ribbons. The photo is of Andrew at his favourite lunchtime eating place - McDonalds, again from our trip last October when we visited Oxford for the day.


humel said...

Oh, I *love* those ribbons! Bright colours on white background is soooo me.... :-)

Sian said...

I've never done the certainly looks like you are having fun though.

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