Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A look back in time.

Shimelle asked us today to have a look back in time and see what we had blogged about this time last year. Well I had a look back at the last two years posts for November and this is what I found:

Nov 2007: I only blogged twice (how different this year!). Neither of the posts were very inspiring either.

Nov 2008: I had just come back from a weekend retreat, so was full of scrapping inspiration and had found my mojo again!!

This year I have done lots of posts in November, due to Shimelle's class and am having great fun reading lots of new blogs.

I need to start to get organised and decide what format I am going to use for my Christmas Journal, I have done one for the past three years, so don't want to miss it. Thinking about some amalgamation of Shimelle's and Holidays in Hand. In the boys advent calender for the past two years I have done something different each day. Two years ago I put in an activity/worksheet/craft along with a joke for each day. Last year I had a poem for every day. Not sure what to do this year - any different ideas?


Becky said...

Sorry, no ideas for the boys advent calendars, but love your blog!

Jools said...

Snap! I'm going to be attempting to do some sort of amalgamation of Shim's JYC & the Holidays in Hand class too!

scrappyjacky said...

Having done an enormous album for JYC last year....and not even intentionally....I'm definately going for something smaller this also doing a combination of some sort.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Have you thought about something really out of the box for your Christmas Journal - a bunch of tags, for example?
As far as the boys, maybe a bit of advice or a note of what you love best about each one.

Eleanor said...

One of the advent ideas I have long wanted to do is a treasure hunt. Simple tags on a ring,like Stacy Julian's here (scroll down to the bonus project), and a daily clue in each pocket, leading to somewhere in the house where you have hidden ...
something like the ideas Fay has written here (but altered to suit age)
That was sort of my plan, but not sure I'll be doing it, for various reasons. Can imagine you doing it though with the boys though. I'll enjoy whatever idea you pursue if you blog about it, lol.

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