Thursday, 13 September 2012

A visitor

In our new house we don't seem to have many birds in our garden, despite having lots of trees around us, and I do miss watching them. But we do have a frequent visitor - this little chap. He is getting rather bold and came right up to the window today while I was typing this - which is OK so long as he stays outside.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Flying the nest

All packed up and ready to go. On Saturday we took John to St Andrews University where he is going to study Theology. And of couse Buzz had to come too. We unpacked and help him settle into his room.

Buzz needed a new place to sit as well! Then of course we had to and buy the college tie and scarf.

Then we had to leave him - and I will admit to a few sniffles on the way home. But St Andrews is not that far from us now and he seems to be settling in fine so far - mind you they don't actually start working until next week - this week is all fun and games and getting to know people.

What else has been happening as it seems ages since I  blogged. Well I had a bad dose of gastro-enteritis which knocked me for six. Most of  the time really has been getting John ready to leave.

Andrew now has his music sorted out - a trumpet! Peace and quiet is now shattered.

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