Thursday, 15 January 2015


It is only the 15th day of the year and I have read 2 books already! I don't expect to keep this up - it was really only because I was not well and off work.

The first book was The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman. This is the first book of his I have read and I really like it. It is a bit sad though as the main character is suffering from early onset Alzheimers. Her family give her a book to write her stories down in before she forgets them. It is well told and although sad a good read.

The second book is The Circle by Dave Eggers. This book was my Secret Santa gift from my Book Club, we each get a book, read it in January and then tell the group about it at the end of the month. Again this was a new author for me and again I enjoyed it. It was easy to read and for any of us who are addicted to the internet, facebook, instagram etc, it contains a warning not to take things too far. The Circle run everything - all internet activity in one easy, safe and visible place. Mae Holland manages to get a job at its campus and she is delighted by this. But as she becomes more involved more is expected - at one point she has 8 screens on her desk at any one time! There is a sinister truth at the heart of the organisation.  The Washington Post likened it to a Brave New World. It certainly contains some scary but actually believable ideas and shows how internet use could become a slippery slope to a different kind of society. Well worth a read.

Have you read any good books over the festive season?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A hat and a bracelet

 I finally finished the hat I started knitting before Christmas. Not before time as I needed to wear it today as it has been cold and windy. Thankfully we have not had much snow here. I think the snow is lovely to look at but not really to go out in, especially if you need to drive.

This year I decided I would like to keep my One Little Word visible throughout the year. I managed to find this bracelet with my word BELIEVE on it on ebay, so I just had to order it. I think it is lovely.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Journal 52

Another of my projects for 2015 is Journal 52, details here. Every week a prompt is posted for you to interpret any way you like. I did try this last year but never got very far - but this year I Believe I will finish it.

Week 1 was Pathways. I used Gesso and heated it to create a roughness, which I then coloured in with pastels. This is to represent the path through 2015 with my word 'Believe' and that I know that at times it may be smooth and at other times rougher. The tree was to represent God who I Believe is watching over me throughout this year. The words say For we walk by faith not by sight.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

One Little Word

I am gradually beginning to feel better and getting back into the swing of things, thankfully.

As it is the start of a new year there are always lots of new and exciting projects to get into (well to start at least).

One of my favourite is to choose a word for the year, this causes great hilarity in our family as we 'help' each other to choose words. I have done this for the past few years: my previous words being -

Positive, Calm, Focus, Achieve, Be, Embrace, and Srengthen/Grow

Last year I joined Ali Edwards One Little Word, but didn't get very far with it, so this year I decided to give it another go and to actually complete it this year.

By now I am sure you are wondering what my word is for 2015, my word this year is


My word seemed to just find me this year, in lots of different ways. I was looking at  magazines and there was a stamp with the word on it, while tidying up my craft area I came across a word book of Believe, which has been waiting on me to decorate it for several years now.

I did a little mind mapping exercise on Believe and this is some of the things I came up with that I want to Believe in:

  • in my own abilities more
  • have more confidence in myself
  • in God more
  • in His timing
  • that I can be more joyful
  • that I can be fitter
  • that I can lose weight
  • that I can complete creative projects
I do not know fully where my journey with my word will take me this year, but I have such a strong and exciting feel about my word this year. I shall share my journey with you.

Have you chosen a word for 2015?

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015.

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