Thursday, 15 January 2015


It is only the 15th day of the year and I have read 2 books already! I don't expect to keep this up - it was really only because I was not well and off work.

The first book was The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman. This is the first book of his I have read and I really like it. It is a bit sad though as the main character is suffering from early onset Alzheimers. Her family give her a book to write her stories down in before she forgets them. It is well told and although sad a good read.

The second book is The Circle by Dave Eggers. This book was my Secret Santa gift from my Book Club, we each get a book, read it in January and then tell the group about it at the end of the month. Again this was a new author for me and again I enjoyed it. It was easy to read and for any of us who are addicted to the internet, facebook, instagram etc, it contains a warning not to take things too far. The Circle run everything - all internet activity in one easy, safe and visible place. Mae Holland manages to get a job at its campus and she is delighted by this. But as she becomes more involved more is expected - at one point she has 8 screens on her desk at any one time! There is a sinister truth at the heart of the organisation.  The Washington Post likened it to a Brave New World. It certainly contains some scary but actually believable ideas and shows how internet use could become a slippery slope to a different kind of society. Well worth a read.

Have you read any good books over the festive season?


Jane said...

I have The Circle on my shelf to read!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I like your secret santa idea. I might suggest a variation for my book group which takes the summer off. I like Dave Eggers quite a bit. I started The Interestings by Meg Wollitzer for my book group this month. I liked it, but ran out of time. The Language of Flowers is our next book.

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