Monday, 15 August 2011

Scavenger Hunt 5

Some more photos for the summer scavenger hunt at Rinda's blog

9. A festival or fair - this is Henry Olanga taking part in the Keswick Cricket Festival. Henry was taking part in the Keswick Convention this year and had put together a team to play the local cricket team. Henry Olanga made his international debut in 1995, and was the youngest player and the first black cricketer to represent Zimbabwe, helping them to their first ever Test victory.

 11. A forest - this was taken during one of the forest walks we went on around Keswick.

 15. Graffiti art - spotted this on a wall in Paris.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Scavenger Hunt 4

The next lot of photos for Rinda's summer scavenger hunt

21 A rooster - this chap was roaming free at South Lakes Wildlife Park

 18. A person sketching or painting outside - this was at Keswick and is outside Andrew's favourite fish and chip shop.

 8. Your country's flag - saw these cushions in a shop and took a photo.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Scavenger Hunt 3

The next lot.
5. A hand lettered sign selling something - we saw lots of boards like this one outside restaurants in Paris.

 17. Rain - boy did it rain the day we went to Disneyland - luckily it stopped by late morning.

 6. A person dressed as a pirate - where else but at Disney's Parade. The Parade was good and definately worth waiting for.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Summer of Colour

Well even if the weather has not been that good this summer it has been a Summer of Colour thanks to Kristen. I have enjoyed doing this project - and have even managed to finish it on time! It has made me try some new things and I know that I would like to try some more art journalling and to experiment and learn more! For this final week we were to show our work over the past 8 weeks so here are my pages all together.

Thursday, 11 August 2011


My Brown page for Summer of Colour. I used various colours of brown paint for the background, then used some glimmer mists before sticking on some collage pieces.

Although I had done a blue project I wanted to have a blue page to complete the set, so I raided my scraps bag and came up with this.

Now just to do a front cover and bind them all together.


Although this is the last week of Summer of Colour there are still a couple of colours I have to finish as I was away on holiday. This is my Purple page. I glued a line of small beads with a dragonfly brad at each end, then stamped some bird images. I then outlined some of the stamped images with a pen, the words say 'if I had wings'.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10 on the 10th

My ten things for this months, 10 on the 10th are 10 books that are on my bookshelf waiting to be read:

1. The Plains of Passage, Jean M Auel
2. Last Chance Saloon, Marion Keyes
3. 10 Lighthouse Road, Debbie Macomber
4. Mini Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella
5. The Return Journey, Maeve Binchey

Some books I bought at the Keswick Convention this year:

6. The Gender Agenda, Lis Goddard & Clare Hendry
7. Going for Growth, Ken Clarke
8. Everyday Church, Tim Chester and Steve Timmis
9. Feminine Threads, Diane Lynn Severance

number 10 is not in the photo, as it was in my bedroom, which is being decorated this week, so has been put somewhere else

10. Alan Sugar Autobiography

You can find more lists over at Shimelle's blog.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scavenger Hunt 2

Some more photos for the summer scavenger hunt over at Rinda's.

16. A building made of metal or glass - well it just had to be the Eiffel Tower from our Paris trip. We hade prebooked tickets so we got into the building without a queue - but then we had to queue for about 1 hour to make it up to the very top - but it was worth it.

7. A decorated mailbox or piece of garden sculpture - this is the Stravinsky fountains outside the Pompidou Centre, which is a very unusual looking building with all the pipes etc on the outside of it. I liked these sculptures, especially this elephant.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The first of the scavenger hunt photos

Over at Rinda's blog she is hosting a summer photography scavenger hunt. She has given us a list of 21 items to try and find and take a photo of. I found this great fun when we were away on holiday and hubbie joined in too with looking for the items to photograph. I don't have them all yet, but still have plenty of time.

This first one is for number 2 - a Musem - and of course it is the Louvre in Paris. A very interesting museum, you could easily spend a day (or two) just there, but Andrew only wanted to go see the Mona Lisa!

This one is for number 13 - a cemetry with historical significance. This is the tomb of the unknown warrier under the Arc de Triomphe with the eternal flame. A reminder of all who sacrificed their lives in the wars that we might have the freedoms we take so much for granted today.

Friday, 5 August 2011


This week was the last colour for Summer of Colour and it was Orange - next week is to showcase all your colour projects. I still have a couple of colours to do before I try and pull them all together - might even get my bindit all out and bind them together. I did this simple page for orange - I tried using an orange to print with but it didn't really work very well.

I have enjoyed this project, but think I could do with learning a bit more about art journalling - any tips/hints or suggestions for online courses or books?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Holiday Knitting

While I was away last week I managed to start and finish knitting this scarf. It is a simple pattern but rather effective  I think. Pattern is The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief found on Ravelry. I used almost 3 balls of Rowan handknit cotton.

The other news today is that John got his Higher results and is very pleased with 4 As and 1 B. He now needs to decide what courses and at what universities he would like to apply for.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Yes, I know this is my second post today, but I just had to post to let you know that I now have my results in for my Open University course!

I passed my latest module, Living Political Ideas, with a grade 2 pass which means...

that I have now got my degree - a BA (Hons) in Social Sciences, and I got a 2:1 pass! I am rather delighted!

The graduation will not be until April next year in the Glasgow Concert Hall, but at least I am now totally finished with studying and rather happy.

Now to find a job....


While we were at Keswick we visited the South Lakes Wildlife Park, which was really good. The animals are all in very natural environments, with some even just wandering around! My favourite was the giraffes.

Andrew's favourite was the giant tortoises!

These fellows were allowed to wander freely

On the way back to Keswick we stopped at Hayes Garden world in Ambleside, where Andrew got to hold this owl.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


What a great week we had. The weather was fantastic, which was rather surprising given the weather we have had so far this summer! We did lots of this
 managed a bit of climbing a mountain - well it felt like a mountain!!

 played some of this

and ate lots of these..

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