Monday, 16 November 2009


The joy of being young and filled with dreams of daring conquests and fighting dragons! The LO was also from a class at the weekend by Traciedoodle. The photo is of John several years ago now. He got this sword and shield at Christmas and was imagining himself being a daring knight! How quickly time passes and how quickly they grow up.

I am doing another online course for the Holiday Season - Holidays in Hand by Jessica Sprague
Today for the first prompt we are asked to think about our Values & Goals for the Festive Season. Here are some of the words that I think of as values for this time of year: family, love, tradition, laughter, sharing. For our goals we are to try and be specific about certain things we would like to achieve. This was a bit harder and needed a lot more thought. I have come up with:
To have fun with the children
To try and make some presents for people this year.
To be less stressed and more flexible.
To concentrate on the spiritual meaning of Advent and Christmas.
To try and get the children to think less of 'getting' and more about 'giving'.
I am hoping that after the past few months that we have had that Christmas this year will be a time of relaxation and enjoyment.
What are your values and goals for this season?


Carrie/scrapchick said...

Nice list! I'm taking HIH also! :)

Kathy M said...

I'm doing Jessica's class too. I haven't thought about my values yet. One more thing to do tonight.

Amy said...

Fiona, I'm taking this class as well - one of my goals is also encouraging the children to have a more compassionate and thoughtful experience, not sure what I'm going to implement yet.

myorii said...

I'm also taking this class. In fact, I found out about it from reading it on your thanks!

You a have great list of values :) I'm having a little trouble coming up with mine since it's been a few years since I've really celebrated the holiday (I know, it's sad).

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