Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Prompts 2 & 3

Trying to play catch up so that I can feel that I am on top of things (for a short while anyway!)

In the prompt for Day 2 Shimelle talked about the need for safety on the Internet and what you publish on your blog etc. It is certainly something to think about and something that I am conscious about as I have two boys who like to use the computer a lot. We were to think about a story you would like to tell - there are so many and there is so little time! Maybe some day I will get around to them.

The prompt for day 3 was about sharing lists on your blog and provide links or photos. I thought I would share with you the five places on the Internet that I seem to spend most of my time at the moment:

The first has to be Facebook. Since joining earlier this year I seem to be rather addicted to the various games, I have a zoo, two farms and a cafe - maybe this is why I don't have much time for scrapbooking.

The second is Faithscrappers UK. A forum for scrappers who are Christians. It is a great place for chat and fellowship and there are lots of challenges.

The third is UKScrappers, the forum which really got my into scrapping and blogging etc.

The fourth is a recent addition, Ravelry. I have recently got back into knitting and started crocheting and Ravelry is a fountain of knowledge and inspiration.

My fifth choice is really blog-hopping. I don't have a link here for that but ther are some links to some of my favourite blogs on the side.

Mmm maybe I spend too much time on the computer!!!!


Scrapdolly said...

I found you again through BfS - great to 'see' you again Fiona

scrappyjacky said...

Blog hopping is just sooooo addictive....I look at my watch sometimes.....and realize hours have gone by!!!!

dottydotty said...

Fab faves i love ravelry too pretty sure i am dottydotty on there:)

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