Sunday, 7 September 2014

Made 2014

I recently signed up for a course called Made 2014, run by Anna K Pasquale, over at The course is for Christians who want to be creative and to use this creativity to praise God. The course is run by various different teachers. I have never done the course before, but felt it would be good to do at this time.

The first week is by Christine Heister and looks at Personal Metaphors. For our first page we were to prayerfully choose a metaphor that describes where we are with God at this time. During my prayer time the image of a bulb or seed came to my mind. A bulb/seed can spend a long time in the ground not seeming to do anything of great worth, but then if its roots have taken and it has been nourished it will grow into a flower or even a large tree. I felt this was like myself at the moment, there has been long periods when I have not felt I have been doing anything much for God, but because of these times when I have actually been being nourished and taking root, I now feel that different things are starting to happen in my walk with God, and that new growth is happening.

In my page for this I used old bits of books, dictionary sheets, mod podged onto my page and then added some seeds from a napkin and then sketched a few bulbs. I am glad it is the process that is important not the finished process and I have a way to go in the artist dept!

This also sort of tied in with OLW, which I haven't blogged about recently, but will do so soon. As I did actually change my word several months ago - but I will blog about that soon.

A few more

Another couple of photos for the Summer Scavenger Hunt

11. A horn

18. A waterfall

14. A parade - this is the closest I have found to a parade - a line up of plastic ducks in a garden centre

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