Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The latest fashion????

This is the latest addition to my shoe collection - do you think it will catch on???? Last Wednesday I had another operation - this time on one of my toes. So now I have a pin in my toe for the next six weeks!! This is the shoe that is supposed to help me walk. I have to sit with my feet up and not do anything much for the next six weeks - what a life eh!!!

I have signed up for Blogging for Scrapbookers, an online class by Shimelle which runs throughout November. Hopefully this will give me lots to blog about while I am confined to the house - and maybe keep me off Facebook so much.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Doesn't he look smart?

Yes I know the boys are on holiday and No I did not make him dress up in hi school uniform this week. I took the photo last week when he came home with the new school tie!! His school have not had a tie before, but after requests from the pupils, they now have one. John had to go and be one of the first to buy it and wear it - after getting shown how to tie one of course!! I wonder if wearing a school tie will make any difference!!

We have been baking something every day this week, and I have forgotten to take photos - bad mummy!!

On Monday we made jelly, Tuesday sponge cakes, Wednesday scones and today pumpkin soup. I have never made pumpkin soup before but the pumpkins were on special offer at Morrisons, so I had to try it! The verdict - it was good and I can make some more. Any other suggestions on what to do with pumpkin?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ready for the cold!

I am now all ready for the cold weather - and just in time! I crocheted the above hat and mittens in the last few days. They were done in Patons Jet wool and are the first items of clothing that I have crocheted . I was quite pleased with myself, even if I say so myself. There's no stopping me now!!!
The boys are now off school for two weeks holiday. We are not going away anywhere this year, which seems a bit strange as we have gone away at this time of year for the past several years. Not sure how I will occupy them for two whole weeks!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Reading Group

Our Church has recently started a Reading Group which meets a couple of times a year. The book for this term was Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis. I found the book interesting and challenging. Although I did not agree with all their ideas about church there were some interesting ideas. I liked the concepts of church as being Gospel-centred and Mission-centred and being very involved in Community. They were rather into church planting in the book, and while that is not always suitable for established traditions, I think the challenge is to think "outside the box" and find ways in which we can "church plant" in different ways and take the gospel message out of our churches and into the communities around us. They also challenged those churches that celebrate anniversaries to look forward as well as backwards. This is very relevant to our Church this year as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary. The challenge is how to continue to bring the gospel to people and to look forward to the next 125 years!!!!

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