Monday, 23 March 2009

John the Baptist

The study this week at the Faithscrappers UK challenge blog is on John the Baptist. This is my LO for the study.

I had a lovely Mothers Day yesterday, the boys bought me bubble bath and two books - The Age of Shiva by Manil Suri and Change of Heart by Jodie Picoult. I look forward to reading them. Instead of chocolates, which I am now allowed at the moment, they bought me Dolly Mixtures!

Thursday, 19 March 2009


I'm on a roll today, here is my page for Hosea for the Journey with Gods People challenge. The study for this can be found here.
Hosea is one of the 'minor' prophets of the Old Testament and his message to the people of Israel and his highlighting of their many sins, could be speaking of our world today. But Hosea points to the restoration which is to come with Jesus and the Cross. We do not need to remain in our sin today but can be restored to a relationship with God.


I have finally managed to a page for Hannah for the Journey with Gods People challenge over at Faithscrappers. Hannah's story can be found in 1 Samuel, where she is found earnestly praying to God for a child. She vows to dedicate her son to God and fulfils this promise when she takes the boy Samuel back to the temple to dedicate his life to God.

Good News...and Bad News!

Yesterday was a day of mixed news - good and bad!
First the good. I had an appointment at the Voice Clinic, as I have been troubled with my voice for the past two or three years, thankfully there is nothing wrong with the vocal chords. I have to go back to see the speech therapist for a session on voice care.

Then the bad. I came home to discover my washing machine had flooded the kitchen! Mum had had to clean it all up. The machine is 9 year old so I suspect it is time to replace it - not what I really wanted to do at the moment.

I have knitted another dishcloth, this time a diagonal ripple one, I rather like this one.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A dishcloth and a cardigan!

I'm still knitting dishcloths - this time a round one. And I'm still shining my sink every night!!!

I have also finished knitting this cardigan for Gordon. I first bought the wool many many moons ago, then got fed up with it and ripped it out and put it away. Last year I thought I would start knitting again so dug out the wool and restarted the cardi! I am so glad that it is finished - he had better wear it now!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Red Nose Day

Friday was of course Red Nose Day. Andrew had a non-uniform day at school so he got to wear his t-shirt and red nose! John did'nt so he still had to wear uniform and was not impressed.

On Saturday Andrew fell down the stairs and landed on his back, so we had another trip to A&E! Luckily he has only bruised the muscles on his back so just needs to rest for a couple of days. He went happily to school today though and was OK, apart from missing out on PE! I really hope that is us finished with trips to A&E this year!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

February Page

Finally done a page for February for Scrap Your Day. February was not the best of months for me, with going to the hospital and having Andrew off sick, so the photos were actually not taken on the 25th but at different times. Most of the photos are of my sister when she was down cleaning my kitchen - I thought this was noteworthy enough to be recorded somewhere! The top left photo is of the Prayer Room at our church which we held for the Week of Prayer for Global Poverty run by tearfund. While the rest of the country had lots of snow in February the photo of my garden shows just how little snow we had!!!
I have been busy knitting another discloth - they are definately becoming addictive!

I am feeling quite a bit better this week and have been for a hair cut, eyebrows done etc. Will try and get hubbie to take photo of new hairdo as it is much longer than I have had for some time.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Journey of Hope

I have finally got round to doing a LO for my own challenge during the recent Cybercrop at FaithscrappersUK. The challenge was to do a LO on something that brings hope to others. My LO is with photos that Gordon took on his visit to Peru in 2004 with the Vine Trust. They run two boats, Amazon Hope 1 and 2, which bring medical aid to remote villages up and down the Amazon. The Vine Trust also do a lot of work with abandoned street boys in major cities in Peru, they provide food, a place to stay and help the boys to find jobs. You can read more of their work at

I have had a good day today. I managed to go out a walk to visit a friend, so feel that I am getting a bit better. I have also signed up to the FlyLady website. The website has lots of tips on how to bring (and keep) order in a chaotic house - just what I need. This week the focus in on the Kitchen - I managed to clean a cupboard, and my sink is still shining - so I feel I have achieved something.

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Well now that I've got a shiny clean sink I thought I would try knitting some dishcloths, as I suppose I should wash the one my sister left!! So far I have done two, but have several more planned. My local shop only had plain cotton, but I might send away for some lovely coloured stuff too.

Managed to go to Church today but had to come out halfway through as I just couldn't sit any longer, but I suppose at least we are moving in the right direction.
I have also withdrawn from my OU course which started in February. I have just not felt up to starting studying yet and have fallen behind and still don't feel up to playing catch up all year. I will enrol again either in October or next January. But for now I am going to concentrate on getting better - and knitting dishcloths!!!

Friday, 6 March 2009

A Helping Hand

It's nice to have a helping hand around the house. My sister came down this week for a couple of days and took pity on me. She cleaned my kitchen and bathroom for me.

The end result is a shiny clean sink - which we are under strict instructions to keep that way! She has started following the ideas of flylady website, who suggests that you should shine your sink every night before going to bed. So maybe I should go have a look at the website.

What was I doing when she was working? Well I was felting this little fellow, he was supposed to be a chick for Easter, but we think he looks more like a duck!

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Faithscrappers UK have been holding a cybercrop this weekend. So far I have only managed to do two things. I still find I am really lacking in energy and the least thing makes me very tired.

This is a tag I managed to do for a quick challenge.

I managed this LO for a class, the first pocket holds card saying "Where I am now" and the second "where I hope to be" in my spiritual life. The paper is Basic Grey Urban Couture.

The deadlines for the other classes and challenges are not until Friday so maybe I will get a chance to do some more this week.
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