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Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Pause in Lent - 6

This week I would like to look at this line from William Wards poem

Fast from bitterness, Feast on forgiveness

As God has forgiven us so we too should forgive others. We can only do with God's help, but if we do not forgive others we are only hurting ourselves over and over again. We can find a great release when we do forgive. As we start this Holy Week when we turn towards the Cross are there people in your life you need to forgive - then with God's help do so.

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Pause in Lent - 5

I prepared this post (and next weeks) before we moved as I reckoned life would be rather busy.

This weeks line from William Wards poem is

Fast from thoughts that weaken, Feast on promises that inspire

We can so easily let our thoughts drag us down instead of building us up. Our minds are very important places and it is good to remember God's promises to us.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Pause in Lent 4

Taking another couple of lines from the poem by William Ward:

Fast from unrelenting pressures: feast on unceasing prayer.
Fast from apparent darkness, feast on the reality of light

There seems to be a lot of pressures in my life right now, we move house on Monday, I have just started a new job, so I thought this line was a good one to remember. If we feast on unceasing prayer then the pressures of life will be easier to cope with.

I will probably not be around much in the blogging world until after we move next week.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Are you free for coffee?

Having read about this on Rinda's blog, I hopped over to Abi's blog for a cuppa and so I thought it would be fun to join it. So are you free for coffee?

We could meet up at Dobbie's Garden Centre where they do lovely fruit scones. I would have tea (even though I always ask if you want to join me for coffee), I never drink coffee. We would find a table and sit and chat for ages.

I would tell you all about my move which is now only 14 sleeps away. How the work is coming on in my new kitchen and how the decorators have now done the bedrooms and I really like the colours I have chosen. I would tell you that I now need to get some new roller blinds for the bedrooms. I would wonder with you where I was going to put all the stuff that I have in storage. I would talk for ages about how I am looking forward to this as I have found the last 8 months rather difficult living where we are. I might wonder if  I was boring you, but as you are my friend you would not be bored but be interested and would make helpful suggestions.

I would tell you that I start my new job this week and I am a bit anxious about it. I have two days induction training this week and then one day next. I would wonder with you why things always happen at the same time, why I am moving two weeks after starting a new job. You would tell me that's what happens in life but that I will manage to cope fine.

I will tell you how much I am looking forward to getting my craft stuff out of storage and about all the plans that I have for projects to do. 

I would tell you about all the good things that are happening in our new church, but that I am tired at the moment. You will tell me that I will feel better soon once we are settled in our new house.

We would then have a walk around the garden centre before going our separate ways again but promising to meet up again soon.

A Pause in Lent Wk 3

Continuing with lines from William Wards poem..

Fast from discouragements: Feast on hope.

This has been a week with some discouragements in it, mainly to do with Church and our new house. But it has all worked out fine in the end. I felt that this line was very timely for me. It can be all too easy to think too much about discouragements, to let them get all out of proportion and to cause us anxiety. Instead feast on hope - especially the hope that we have in God, we know that He will never fail us. God always keeps His promises and will never leave us, not matter what is happening in our lives.

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