Monday, 9 June 2014

Pentecost Cakes

Yesterday was Pentecost when the Church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit. On Saturday we had our Messy Church with the theme of Pentecost so we needed tongues of fire cakes! The children all got to decorate a cupcake and these are some that I made for tea after the Sunday service.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Summer's here

Summer is now officially here (even if the weather is a bit doubtful sometimes). My two favourite summer projects have started.

Rinda is again hosting her Summer Scavenger Hunt, she posts a list of things to photograph over the holidays and it is always great fun looking for the items. You can find the details here

The second summer project can be found here. The Summer of Colour has been running now for a couple of years, each week a colour is chosen and you can create whatever you like to represent that colour. Now that my craft area is back in action I am looking forward to this.

Are you joining in on any summer projects?
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