Wednesday, 28 January 2009

January 25

Another month has gone past - I really feel I have missed January somewhere, but I am gradually beginning to feel better, although very slowly. I did manage to do my Journal your day pages for January before the end of the month, which is an achievement in itself! We had rather a quiet day with everyone (except me) spending the afternoon playing on the Nintendo Wii, which has been a huge hit with everyone. Even Gordon, who normally doesn't do electronic games, has taken to it and can be found practising his tennis during the day when the children are at school!!! Sunday was also Burns Day so of course we had to have haggis - even Andrew tried some this year, although I don't think it will beat chicken nuggets as his favourite food!

I have been reading lots of books since not being well, so I thought I would list some of them here.

Cliff Richards autobiography My Way - interesting and amazing to think that he is still around 50 years on - I wonder how many of todays charts hits will still be around in the future.

Richard Hammond, On the Edge - a very interesting account of his recovery after his accident.

Kate Furnivall, The Russian Concubine

and a couple of Joanna Trollope novels.

I have also been playing Lego Batman on my DS Lite. It is somewhat satisfying to go around hitting things and getting tokens for it!!!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Laid Low & A CyberCrop

Not a great start to the year so far as I have been in bed for the past week with a horrible cold/flu virus and have totally lost my voice. Yes my family think that is great but really it is very annoying having to write everything down. Got more antibiotics today from the doctor so hopefully that will do the trick.

Haven't been doing any scrapping. But UKS is having a Cybercrop on the weekend of 6-8 February on a Whodunnit theme. I have been allocated to the CSI team. So something to look forward to.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

December 25

I have managed to scrap my December page for Scrap your Day. It was difficult to decide what photos to choose this month. I decided on a photo of each of us opening our presents, a couple of us at dinner, one of me preparing the Brussel Sprouts (not my favourite veg!, me playing the Wii Sports and one of me relaxing after all that!! The view from my kitchen window was actually taken in the afternoon when I remembered. After all the cold weather we have had the garden doesnt even really look very Decembery!!!
This week has been a busy start to the year. I have been in the Nursery working all week, which comes as a bit of a shock to the system after not working for quite a while. I will just be getting used to it when the work will finish again!

Friday, 2 January 2009

...and in with the New

A Happy New Year to you all and best wishes for 2009.

Well Andrew managed to stay up last night until 1.30 when we packed him off to bed, followed shortly by everyone else - he still managed to be up by 10 in the morning. I didn't make it up until after noon!! We have had a quiet but good day and watched Prince Caspian on DVD tonight.

As for my word for this year, well that was a lot more difficult this time than last year. You can read more about the idea behind a word for the year here I have finally decided on CALM, well my children helped a little with choosing that one. I don't know if its being a certain age (or if that is just an excuse) but I could definately do with being more calm. I am aiming for a good amount of Calm in my life this year, despite whatever happens around me. I hope to know the peace of God always in my life also.

I remember reading many years ago in a book (can't remember which one now) of a picture of Peace - it didn't show the usual calm seas or skies, it showed a tiny bird sheltering while the storm raged around it. This picture has always reminded me of the peace that comes from knowing God - a peace that is not an absence of strife or trouble, but a peace that holds you safe in His hands despite whatever is going on around you.

May you know the peace of God in your life this New Year.
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