Friday, 24 June 2011

Chocolate Heaven

As a reward for his Good Citizen Award, all the recipients got taken to the local Cocoa Bean Factory for the morning and then  out orienteering. Needless to say the chocolate factory was Andrew's favorite. They got to make three peices of chocolate, a marshmallow one, a decorated bar and a frog in a mould. I think they all had a great time.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


The colour for this week's  Summer of Colour was Green, so I thought I would make a start to an art journal. I painted the background using a couple of different colours of green, then some green shimmer mist. The base of the tree is grungeboard painted, I added buttons for the leaves of the tree and then randomly stamped some leaf images, and added a couple of butterfly lady stickers.

Now of to think about next week's colour - Pink.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


The first week's colour over at Summer of Colour was blue. I know I a bit late getting this finished and posted but it has been a very hectic week. Anyway here is a photo of my blue piggybank, brought all the way home from Amsterdam.

I have had this trinket box waiting to be decorated for quite some time, and as the room it is in is blue, I thought that it was time I decorated it.

So I did.

I painted it using various different colours of blue paint, then  added some beads for decoration. I am quite pleased with the effect, although I think I should have painted it first with some kind of primer or something as the brown colour showed through quite a lot at first.

Next week the colour is Green.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Summer of Colour

Yes it really is summer, even if the weather here doesn't really feel like it sometimes. Today I came across a new project, (thanks Carolyn) which I thought would be interesting to try and kick start my creative juices again. Summer of Colour is a free 10 week project. Each week you are asked to produce something based on a set colour. I thought this sounded like fun so am going to join in. I don't want to commit to doing just one creative thing all summer, so am going to try out some different things each week. probably things like photography, scrapping, felting, maybe even some art journalling if I am feeling brave!

What summer projects are you doing this summer?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Detox, Declutter & Deweed

I decided the first thing I really needed to tackle after studying was to achieve some of my goals, especially weight and fitness related ones. So I have been on a Detox diet since Friday, this is Day 5!

I am following Carol Vorderman's detox books, I did her detox diet many years ago and found it really good, although then I did it for the full 28 days. I am not trying to be so ambitious this time though! I really just want to kickstart my diet and healthy eating. I thought I would try for 7 days, but then still use some of the recipies but start adding in some other things. So far so good! I even managed to avoid temptation while my sister was visiting at the weekend!

And the decluttering - well not such a good start so far. But there is always next week!

I am not really sure deweed is a word, but that is certainly what my garden needs! I have managed out a few times this week so have made a start on the weeds, but they just keep on coming back!!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

It's a wrap

as they say in the movie business! It's finished! My end of course project, all 4052 words of it, is finished and sent off to the Open University. Now just need to wait until August for the results. As John finished his Higher exams as well this week, what did we need - cake and wine of course!

So after 6 years of studying I am now (hopefully) finished. How will I pass the time now - well there is the garden to do, the house to clean, a huge pile of fiction books to read, lots of scrapbooking and knitting to do, and I might even learn to crochet!
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