Wednesday, 9 February 2011

January Round-Up

Well I don't know where the time went to in January, so I thought I had better do a quick round up of January as I don't seem to have made the time to post much, if at all.

I have been working again for the past couple of weeks in the local Nursery, someone is off sick and I am not sure how long the work will last for so am making the most of it.

We went to see We Will Rock You - the musical with songs from Queen, it was really good, and of course the songs were great!

As Achieve is my word for the year I thought I would do a quick round up at the end of each month to see what, if any, progress I have made:

In January I am up to date with my studying and submitted another essay - 3 to go plus a final assignment - also managed to get my highest mark for the course so far.

I have kept up to date with E100 Bible reading which is good.

Not achieved anything on either weight loss or fitness - but then it is January - cold and wet and still comfort food time!

Roll on February!
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