Thursday, 3 December 2009

This is how we Christmas

I'm taking part in a blog party over at A Preachers Wife, for the Thursdays in December I will be sharing different aspects of our Christmas. Today it's How we Christmas.

1. Santa
I love Santa and have never had any real conflict about worrying that it will detract from the real meaning of Christmas. This is the first year that both boys now no longer believe in Santa but we will still continue with some of our Santa traditions. The boys used to email Santa with their lists which I think is a wonderful idea and Santa emailed them back! Sometimes we took them to see Santa but not always. On Christmas Eve we all hang up a stocking (adults included) for Santa to fill. We also leave out mince pies and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. We will still continue hanging up our stockings this year.

2. Presents
All our presents are arranged in piles for each person and we let the children open theirs first and then the adults, while I try and take some photos to scrapbook later!

3. Christmas Eve
Is generally spend running around trying to make sure everything is ready, then we go to Church for the 6.30 pm Nativity service (which I usually take), then we come home, the boys get ready for bed, hang up stockings and we read a book together. Then I can normally relax and watch one of the midnight services while waiting for Gordon to get back from taking the Midnight service. I love sitting with the tree lights on.

4. Christmas Day
After present opening we go to Church. Each year is a bit different as to who we spend time with. This year we are going to have Christmas Dinner with my in-laws.

5. Food
We love a traditional Christmas Day Dinner - turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, little sausages with bacon rolled round them, followed by Christmas pudding and brandy butter. I also adore a fruit Christmast cake, although I also make a sponge cake for the children. We have crackers to pull, which have hats and jokes inside them.

How do you do Christmas?


Rhonda said...

Scotland? Too cool! Sounds you guys have a blast, but I do wonder "crackers to pull"? Your blog is lovely!

scrappyjacky said...

Your xmas sounds very like ours....we used to go to Midnight Mass....but no longer do that.....and stockings are definately for everybody....why should children have all the fun!!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...


I love those pull cracker things!!!! Do you make your own? I've seen websites that show how but I've never tried it...

And you mentioned loving sitting with the tree lights on. ME TOO. I would have a Christmas tree in our den year round for that very reason..:)

So glad you played along ! :))

O Mom said...

We always leave carrots or apples for the reindeer too! :)

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