Monday, 7 December 2009

Let it snow!

When I think of weather at this time of year I always think of snow, a White Christmas! Not that we actually get many of them anymore. In fact it has been quite a while since we had a decent fall of snow here - we managed to be about the only place in Scotland last year which didn't get any snow to speak of!!! Which is a shame as I don't have many scrapping LOs with snowy scenes in them.

To make up for the lack of snow, I decided to crochet some snowflakes, as seen on Attic24 blog. Her tutorial is really good and I actually managed to follow it, as I sometimes have trouble following crochet patterns.

I might even manage to make some more and have a snowstorm!

Todays advent box contents:

Joke: What's impossible to overtake at Christmas? The three wide men!
Fact: British people first started putting decorated trees up at Christmas after Queen Victoria's husband, Albert, brought one back from Germany in 1841. Christmas trees had long been a tradition over there and German-born Albert thought it remined him of childhood Christmases.
Bible verse: Luke 1:5-7 God's plan for our lives. A year before the first Christmas, God promises Zechariah and Elizabeth that they will have a son, even though they are elderly and childless.


scrappyjacky said...

Those snowflakes are gorgeous....I can knit....but I've never got the hang of crochet....shame.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love those snowflakes. They remind me of my Grandmother who crocheted and knitted up a storm! She even did lace making

SarahLP said...

Those snowflakes are brilliant, Fiona! Wish I could crochet.. now that could be a resolution for 2010.

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