Monday, 7 December 2009

Day 5 & 6 Catchup

Playing a bit of catch up with what was inside the boys advent boxes.

Day 5
Joke: What goes ho-ho whoosh, ho-ho whoosh? Santa caught in a revolving door!
Fact: Tom Smith who owned a sweet shop in London was the originator of the cracker. Int he 1840s Tom found that people liked sugar almonds, but while he was in France he discovered a variety of sweets  wrapped up in a twist of paper. These bonbons were popular, so Tom decided to copy them. When Tom noticed that young men were buying them to give to their sweethearts he began to place "love mottoes" on small slips of paper inside the sweet wrapping. In 1846 Tom's thoughts turned to Christmas - instead of sweets he thought he would place toys and novelties inside the twisted wrapping. He experimented with this and the idea of producing a wrapping that could be pulled apart - just like the cracker as we know it today.
Bible verse: Luke 3:31-32 Ordinary people - Abraham's family also included a shepherd boy called David, who became king of God's people Israel.

Day 6
Joke: What did one snowman, say to the other snowman? Can you smell carrot?
Activity: Start to put up some decorations.
Bible Verse: Luke 3:23-24 A family tree of faith. Heli is not famous, but without him the first Christmas would not have taken place.

My Christmas papers also arrived on Saturday so now I have no excuse for getting on with my Christmas journal - watch this space!!


Sian said...

Good jokes! Keep them up!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi Fi,
Not sure I mentioned how much I like your Christmas borders - so vintagey and sweet!

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