Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Prompt Two

Prompt two for Shimelle's My Freedom class was to say what period in time you would like to go and visit for a day. I found this a really difficult question to answer as I don't think I have a specific time or event that I would like to go to.

If I have to choose then I think I would like to go back to visit one of the Ancient Civilizations Ancient Rome or Egypt I think. It would be very interesting to see their lives then and the wonders of the time as they were being built. Having been to Rome last year and seen the ruins it would have been good to have seen them in all their glory.

Or first century Galilee at the time of Christ to hear and see him for myself.

We had great fun last night at dinner talking about this and hearing what everyone's ideas were about where or who they would like to meet.


kelly said...

aww wish i had signed up for tghis class now faqb blog xx

Marie said...

It really does get you thinking this question doesn't it? Great photos for this, and I love your case clock from the other prompt. Lovely.


dddeeebbbzzz said...

My options for past time travel included the Ancient Civilisations too! This topic has certainly got everyone talking!

Kate said...

xI chose Egypt too! Cheers, Katie

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