Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My Freedom Blog Prompts

I have managed to print out all the prompts for My Freedom class that I have missed when away on holiday - now to read them and play catch up. I still haven't decided what size of album to go for, although I really fancy trying something different, possibly 11 x 8.5, will need to decide that today - my target for today.

I dont think I will even try to play catch up with all the blog prompts that I missed, but hope to carry on doing them from now on (although you never know, there might be one or two I really like).

Prompt 17 was What's your favourite reading material? Like the kind of favourite that you would take if you had to cut off the rest of the world for years and years?

I love reading and our house is filled with books. I like reading most types of fiction with the exception of Murder Mystery Thriller type books, never really got into them. I have recently finished Jodi Piccoult Nineteen Minutes and really enjoyed it, although I still think her best was My Sisters Keeper. I managed to finish one of the books I took on holiday with me - Prisoner of Tehran - it was quite interesting. Another excellent book I read not too long ago was The Island by Victoria Hislop, it was great.

I am currently reading the other one I took on holiday by Mark Haddon (the name escapes me at the moment - see post further down).


Flapsi Hapsi said...

So when are you going to read all the books you bought on holiday......?

Marie said...

I've not long finished reading Nineteen Minutes too, and I really enjoyed it.

I love your photos from Alnwick. We were up in Berwick for our holiday at the end of June and spent a day there. The kids just loved the Knight's quest. It really is a fab day out.


Rhona said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday, the photos are great. Good luck with the studying/bloggin/scrapbooking

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