Monday, 28 July 2008

Alnwick Castle

One of the first places we visited on holiday was Alnwick Castle, it is a lovely place and we had a great day - thanks to our Tesco Vouchers! Alnwick Castle has been used for filming lots of films - especially Harry Potter and we arrived just in time to go on a Magical Tour, where the guide showed us all the parts of the castle that had been used in the film.

There was a courtyard bit where you could practise your training as a Knight and go on a Dragon Quest, which was quite scary - Andrew had to hold his Auntie Karen's hand so that she was not scared!!!

I got my head cut off!

Andrew practised his jousting skills.

John got put in the stocks.

The boys are now off to their Auntie Kirsteen's for a few days so peace reigns here in the house. I am supposed to be studying but hope to manage some time for some scrapping.


Flapsi Hapsi said...

Well it WAS scarey ....

jay670120 said...

looks a fun day out x

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