Sunday, 1 January 2012

One Little Word 2012

Well after much deliberation and much hilarity in our household I have come to a decision about my word for 2012. Although why it is so much easier to choose words for other people in the house I am not sure.

Anyway my word for 2012 is BE

as in Be still, Be content, Be creative.

There are some part of my life at the moment that are not what I would choose yet I have no real control over them, so instead of worrying and fretting I am going to BE content in whatever situation I find myself in. I hope to be able to put more trust in God and to be still and hear what He is saying to me in my life. There are also lots of different ways in which I would like to BE creative this year and some of them start today, as mentioned in a previous post - so watch this space.

Have you decided what your word for the year is going to be?


Maria Ontiveros said...

That's a great choice. Very reflective, yet also active. I chose home, and I'm working on cleaning and clearing my crafting area/supplies right now. It feels great!

Eleanor said...

That's such an immense choice, for such a tiny little word, it is huge. Even just on its own, perhaps especially just on its own sometimes, it is perfect. I love your choice. I haven't chosen a word, but I feel moved to do so now, and since you Fiona, have often given me pause for thought, I am choosing PAUSE.

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