Thursday, 19 April 2007

A Day of Queues!

Our second day in Rome just has to be called The Day of Queues! We went to see the Vatican Museum and St Peters Basilica. We arrived at 9.15, thinking that we would be reasonably early, no chance! We had to wait in a queue for 2 hours, in the hot sun, it was not much fun. This picture only shows one side of the building, the queue went right round another 2 sides!!!

It was well worth the wait though, and we took our time and had a good look at all the rooms and then finally arrived in the Sistine Chapel, which was amazing!
Then we went round to St Peter's and, yes you've guessed it, stood in another queue, thankfully not as long this time. It was also amazing.

By this time my feet and legs had really had enough and we still had to walk back to the hotel. I even had to stand in a queue every time I went to the toilet - why do they never have enough Ladies toilets.

Although I was really shattered it was a fabulous day and you couldnt really go to Rome and not see the Sistine Chapel and St Peters.

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