Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Book Reviews

This was my latest read for our Book Group, again by an author I have never read. It tells the story of the residents of Pepys Road, a South London street and the many different types of people who live there. Their lives are disturbed by a series of postcards, etc all with the phrase "we want what you have" I enjoyed the book but it is a little fragmented as each chapter tells the story of a different resident and I didnt really think they made enough of the postcards. Although a book with many pages it is an easy read and the characters are believable, although of course some you like better than others.

The other book I have just finished reading is Knitting Into the Mystery, I bought the Kindle edition. This tells the story of how the Prayer Shawl Ministry started up and gives a glimpse into how to go about starting such a ministry and some of the benefits. I found it interesting and helpful as we have just started a minstry in our Church called Handmade with Prayer, where we are knitting or crocheting shawls, lap rugs, baby clothes etc and gifting them to people after they have been prayed over.

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