Sunday, 20 November 2011

Slipped a little!

Oh dear I have slipped a bit this week with making pages for my Gratitude album and Art Every Day Month. My sister we here for a few days at the beginning of  last week. Instead of doing some creative art I did some creative baking instead and made this cake. She brought back some lovely sock wool from Germany so I have been some sock knitting every night.

I have been doing the volunteer training with Citizens Advice Bureau and really enjoying it, so that took up Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Then on Friday the womens Guild had a display in the Library. Each local Guild had a table and we displayed some info about all the national projects the Guild support. Each year the Guild raise a phenomenal amount of money.

On Friday night our church had a quiz, our team won - hurrah!

I have had a lot to be thankful for this week - family, baking, work of the Guild, work of projects, winning the quiz. Hoping to be able to make some pages this week, although we are getting a new shower in tomorrow and a new carpet in the dining room on Tuesday!

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Maria Ontiveros said...

What a week full of the best kinds of gifts! Thanks for sharing,

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