Monday, 28 November 2011

First Sunday in Advent

Ok how did it get to be Advent already - I think this year has just flown in really quickly.

Today is the first Sunday in Advent. At Church we have a candle which we light each Sunday during Advent and this year we also have some Advent boxes - one for each Sunday! The first one contained an alarm clock! How many of us dislike the alarm going off in the morning - but we know that it means that we have to get up and start  getting ready for the day. So on this first Sunday in Advent we know that we have to start getting ready for Christmas - getting ready for the birth of Jesus - not just getting in the food and the presents. The countdown has begun!

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas, to prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus?


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a great post. I was just thinking I wish the Christmas season was more spiritual and seasonal; less about shopping and consuming. Will need to think on this intention.

Floss said...

The boxes (and alarm clock) are really clever. I wonder if I could do something like that for my boys..? Now they are teenagers the childish Advent calendars are of no interest, but your idea could really get them thinking. Thanks so much for joining in with a Pause in Advent.

Pomona said...

Found you via Floss - I have joined the Pause in Advent too. I think I am getting myself sorted out on the organizational front, but probably I am being too complacent and something will catch me out later!

Pomona x

Fat Dormouse said...

I'm quite good at preparing for Christmas, but not so good at preparing for Christ's birth... This year I'm hoping that the Pause In Advent may help me a little...Thank you for your thoughtful pause.

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