Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A decade apart

What a difference in 10 years! John looks rather grown up taller than me and Andrew is now 10 and fast catching up height wise! For the Millenium John was determined he wanted to get up at midnight and see the New Millenium in, so we wakened him up and surprisingly he was fine. Not to miss out on anything Andrew, who was only 4 months, decided to waken up too, so the four of us celebrated together! This year, ten years on, both boys can stay up easily - its their poor mother that gets tired now!

The decade has seen a few changes in our lives - we moved house in 2000, a new job for Gordon, new house, new school for John. John finished primary and is now in S4 waiting to sit exams. I've got a different hairstyle, different glasses, have new hobbies - I had never even heard of scrapbooking ten years ago. I own (and play) a Nintendo DS, have a mobile phone of my own, and an Ipod touch, am a member of several online communities and have a blog!

In 2005 I graduated with an HNC in Childcare and Education and am now studying with the Open University, next course starts in February!!

Sadly my Dad is no longer with us. My Mum now lives with us here in Stranraer. Last year was a year of operations for both John and myself.

The past decade has brought both highs and lows into our lives. Some things that we had hoped for have not happened. We enter a new decade together as a family, still trusting in God and looking forward to the next decade.

This LO was for the first prompt in 52in10 project, which Karen is running here


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fantastic layout and observations. both pictures are treasures. Thanks for sharing,

Carolyn Phillips said...

Wonderful to see the two photos side by side like that.

Scrapdolly said...

A great page documenting a very busy decade
So glad you are joining in with this

humel said...

Lovely theme for a layout, and lovely post - thanks for sharing x

Eleanor said...

What a fabulous LO, with so much to say, so many changes but the fundamental lovely you shines through.

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