Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Time for Tea

Abi over at creating paper dreams has a montly meme called Time for Tea - I have joined in some months, but not since August.

Would you like to join me for coffee and cake this month?

This is the cake that I made at the weekend for Dr Who's 50th Anniversary Episode, which we thought was great. I can't actually offer you a piece of this as it is all finished, but we would discuss the episode and which doctor we liked the best!

I would tell you that I am feeling better after my "heart event", but that I still get tired very easily. I would tell you about the Cardio Rehab I have been going to, where we do some exercises and some relaxation and that I have started going to Tai Chi classes, which I hope will help with my relaxation. We would discuss different ways we have found to manage our stress, which is inevitable in life. I am having to do some thinking and some re-evaluation of what I do in various things I am involved in and see if any changes need to be made. I suppose some introspection is normal at this time of year anyway and we talk about whether we had words for the year and what they might be for next year.

We would talk about Christmas as how fast it is approaching! I have yet to start my Christmas shopping this year and I wonder how you are getting on with yours. This will be our first Christmas in our new house so I do feel a bit excited about where to put decorations etc. Christmas dinner will be here at our house, and all the family will be coming, which is nice. I ask you about what your plans for Christmas? We talk about how commercial Christmas seems to get every year and I tell you about the Pause for Advent that I am joining in again with this year, hosted by Floss.

We talk about our crafting and I tell you that I have been knitting a bit more and getting back into crafting gradually. I did start a Christmas Journal last year, but didn't finish it so think I will do some more in it this December. Are you doing a Christmas Journal?

All too quickly it is time to leave and we wish each other a lovely time at Christmas and the New Year.


magsmcc said...

Oh what a fab cake! I keep wondering if Lakeland have any of the Dr Who themed baking stuff left- and if so, if I can face driving across town to procure some! Yet I can't order on-line with a shop just across town. But the drive in all the traffic. Ho ho hum! Very much looking forward to the Pauses this year x

S said...

I am clueless about Dr. Who but a bit a cake would certainly start the introduction off well. I hope your heart behaves itself, please do take care this holiday season.

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, I love the Doctor Who cake! I can never pick a favourite doctor - I loved Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker; love Matt Smith

Thank you for a lovely visit! Hope to see you again next month.

Theresa said...

I find it hard to manage my stress too. My life is easier now I don't work, but it sounds like you are going in the right direction. I find gentle walks in the fresh air work for me - although it's sometimes a bit too fresh at this time of year!
Enjoy the Season.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and sending prayers for a continuing recovery.

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