Tuesday, 26 November 2013


This page is for my Attitude of Gratitude Journal run by Bernice. The theme was Fun and it certainly was fun to do this technique. First you put a thick layer of Gesso over the page, then heat it with a heat gun until it bubbles, then you can add more gesso and repeat the process. I then used chalks to add colour and also some spray mists. I really enjoyed this technique.

I have finally blocked this shawl I made many months ago. It is knitted in Noro sock wool and I loved watching the colours change.

I am feeling better, although still tire easily. I have started at Cardio Rehab which is good and tomorrow I start back at work.


Maria Ontiveros said...

Oooh, bubbles! I love those.

Kezzie said...

The gratitude journal is such a hood idea! X

Kezzie said...

Good not hood! X

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