Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Passport to Art

In July Bernice ran a project called Passport to Art, in which you altered a book, she again gave prompts, quotes, Bible verses and techniques for you to copy. Well I knew I was never going to do it in July as that is when we were on holiday, but I had hoped to get started before now. Anyway at last I have started and I am going to continue this project, but not to a deadline.

First I got a book in a charity shop
 then I removed some pages

 then I folded pages

and finally I did the first days page. I painted the backgrounds with acrylic paint. The left hand page I used images from napkins for the birds, butterflies and flowers, then did some stamping. On the right hand page I punched out little feet to indicate going on a journey.


magsmcc said...

Oh goodness I love this! Though getting an atlas for the boys has long been on the to-do list, so maybe I shouldn't try it with one of those?!

Melissa said...

I had hoped to do a Passport to Art book also & read through the prompts back in July. I have an old atlas in my Projects-To-Do bin for when I get inspired to do it. Great start on yours! I like the little feet to start the journey!

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