Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Time for a Coffee?

Abi over at Creating Paper Dreams has a monthly Time for Coffee slot so I would love for you to join me for coffee again this month.

We would sit and order cake and I would tell you that life is slowly getting more organised. All my boxes are now unpacked and our house is taking shape. I would tell you that last weekend I had a great time meeting up with two friends from Stranraer, they were through in Edinburgh for the weekend and we met for lunch. I would perhaps tell you that I miss seeing them more regularly and have found it difficult to meet up with people here in my new town. But then I would tell that out of the blue I got a text asking me to the cinema to see the Great Gatsby with a couple of girls, so perhaps it just takes longer to make friends when your children are older, and there is no school gate to stand at or toddler groups etc to go to.

I would go on to tell you that my eldest son as just come home from University for the summer and that I can't believe that is his first year over already. I would say that while part of me is glad to see him, part of me is not sure how we will all adapt again to being together for three months and I have a little rant at his laidback attitude to looking for work. You would sympathise with me (I hope) and assure me that all will be well, boys are just like that.

We would probably have to a have a moan about the weather this year and how we wonder if we will ever get any sun this summer.

We would part promising to meet up again next month.


Carolyn Phillips said...

Lovely having coffee with you Fiona.

Abi said...

Thank you for joining in with me today Fiona! I really want to see the gatsby. You will have to tell me what it is like!

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