Thursday, 23 May 2013

Where did the time go??

I don't know how it got to be the middle of May already, but apparently it is. I think I am finally raising my head and starting to look around again  after all the stresses of moving. Although did have a bit of a setback a week ago when I got my thumb trapped when folding down my clothes airer - OUCH big time!! I won't scare you with a photo - suffice to say my nail is now black!! Anyway it is slowly getting better. There are so many projects going on in the craft world that I want to get into as well.

As part of Bernice's 12 months in view I am taking a photo of my garden on the same day every month, the 19th. As a recap here are the photos so far




Last Saturday we had an Open Day at the Manse and invited anyone from our congregation to drop in for coffee. We had never done this before so were unsure how it would go - but it went great, we have 40 people throughout the afternoon and everyone thought it was great.

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magsmcc said...

Look at the lovely colour that is coming out!

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