Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer Projects

Summer has finally arrived here, the weather has been great over the weekend and I managed to get out into the garden for some work - and some relaxing.

This year will be the first for several years that I am not working in a school and starting the countdown to the long holidays. It feels rather strange. I am now working in an office two days a week and will only get two weeks off in the summer. I think I am missing the build up to the summer hols and the thought of being off for a considerable chunk of time!

So I thought that signing up for some projects over the summer might help.

First there is Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt - a photography hunt. Rinda has posted a number of things to find and take a photo of, this is usually great fun and I am looking forward to getting out and about with my camera.

There is also Summer of colour. Each week a different colour combination is posted and the challenge is create something using these colours. This is now the third year of this project and I joined in the first year, but not last year, but am hoping to do some this year.

Have you signed up for any summer projects?


scrappyjacky said...

I'm joining in both of these....and Jennifer's 'Projects that Wow' class as well.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Thanks for the shout-out. Looking forward to your posts.

Melissa said...

I signed up for a few classes at BPC - Camp Scrap, Multi-Photo Solutions, Hello Story & Mastering Manual Mode. They all start & end at different times - just Camp Scrap right now with Multi-Photo Solutions starting Thursday.

And, of course, I'll be participating in Rinda's scavenger hunt!

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