Monday, 13 August 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Some more scavenger hunt photos:

4. A roadside stand selling something:

7.  A person playing a musical instrument - I thought this was a very different way to play the guitar.

10. A horse

1. A pier

I still have 10 items to get on the list. If you are playing along how are you getting on?


scrappyjacky said...

Love your 'different'guitar pic.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Lovely finds - the guitarist made me laugh, and the pier is hypnotic! I love it's almost-ruined look and the background hills & sky and hypnotic.
I have 7 left to go; I have a small update set for tomorrow.
Need to get out with my camera.

Starnitesky said...

You are doing well with your scavenger hunt , I cannot imagine what it is like to play the guitar flat on the ground. I still have 8 to get. I have found it quite a challenge with all the rain we have had.

Melissa said...

I still have 7 items to go on the list! That does seem like a difficult way to play the guitar, but what a great photo for the scavenger hunt!

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