Tuesday, 2 March 2010

All done!

Yes, the essay is finally done and sent off to my tutor. Now on to block 2, sweatshops!!

I also managed to fit in finishing some challenges from the recent cybercrop at Faithscrappers UK. The challenges were all about different things we pray for.
I have used 6x4 cards which I am now going to put onto a DLO.

The first card is Confession

Card 2 is Adoration

Card 3 is Intercession, praying for others.

Card 4 is waiting, meditating

Card 5 is thanksgiving

Card 6 is Consecration


Carolyn Phillips said...

They look great all together.

Lynne said...

These are lovely Fiona!
Glad you've got your essay done.

humel said...

Hooray, well done with the essay! :-)

Well done also with the cards, what a lovely way of responding to the challenge - it's sure to be a lovely layout x

Maria Ontiveros said...

How interesting - I have a religious post set for tomorrow!

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