Monday, 17 August 2009

Shoes - who needs them?

New shoes for school, which starts on Wednesday - don't need them if you are a teenager!! That is certainly the case for my eldest who decided to wait till today to go looking for some, didn't see any that he liked so didn't get any. So he goes back to school on Wednesday wearing his old pair from last year. I have decided that this is not my problem! Does he have any joggers for PE on Monday - no for the same reason as the shoes - am I bothered - no, he can explain that on Monday if he doesn't find some before then. I have decided that at 15 it is up to him to get these things.

So that was our shopping trip today. The boys preferred to go to Games Workshop to have a look - funny that! They have been busy over the past few days catching up with some gluing and painting of their armies - and roping me in to help.

No I am not getting my own army!!

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