Sunday, 16 August 2009


Pokemon - the craze that will not go away!!
It is now many years since John got his first Pokemon game for the Game Boy, he first started collecting Pokemon cards and got this Pokemon board game, watching the Pokemon movies - yet he is still playing it!! Just what is the fascination of these little creatures. If you think you have seen a bad film you need to see these films!!! John still plays the games on his DS, although he has been persuaded to part with his playing cards. Andrew never quite got into it as much as John, but he still has the games for his Nintendo.
I suppose it keeps them quiet on a rainy day at the end of the summer holidays.
This has been a week for the dentist for me. On Thursday I got a filling fixed and then on Friday I had a large back tooth removed - not fun! My mouth is starting to feel a better but not up to chewing into a large steak just yet!

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