Thursday, 20 August 2009

Birthday Boy!

On Tuesday Andrew had his 10th birthday - doesnt time fly! He was pleased that it was still an in-service day so he didn't need to go to school. We had a lovely day playing in the house as the weather was so awful!
One of Andrew's presents was Bop-it Extreme 2, which has proved to be hilarious and rather difficult to do!

Every time it is somebody's birthday and I go looking for cards I remember why it is better to make them! All the cards seemed to be the same ones as last years, except this one with 10 jokes in it. Andrew thought it was very funny that he got two of them!
My 'baby' and I - not so much of the baby though! He is rather pleased to be in 'double-digits' now!

1 comment:

Eleanor said...

I LOVE all the bop-its, and you look stunning in your wedding gear.

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