Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Yesterday was the start of Advent and we all started our Advent Calendars, the boys have got their usual chocolate ones, plus a couple of others. This year my Mum knitted this Advent Tree, which she saw in a magazine, and we have knitted/felted/sewed 24 items to hang on it. The idea is that each day the boys can hang a different ornament on and the tree gets decorated. So far they think this is great idea.

Last year I decorated an Advent Box with lots of drawers from B&Q and put in different activities - well this year I have put a poem in for each day (along with a chocolate each). The boys are quite liking this idea as well.

Day One Poem was:

O, Merry Be, Both One and All

O, merry be, both one and all
This festive Christmas season
Let stockings have from every wall
With joyful hope and reason
As family and friends do call
May company be pleasing
And let the snowflakes gently fall
This festive Christmas season.

O, celebrate in revelry
Now Yuletide has begun
Sing carols’ holy melody
The Virgin Mary’s son
And look ahead at what’s to be
And what is yet to come
‘Tis a time of mystery
Now Yuletide has begun

Saint Nicholas attired in red
Now Christmastime is here
With reindeers seven before his sled
This one night of the year
All children good tucked up in bed
Dreams of gifts that cheer
So onward let us all be led
Now Christmastime is here

God bless all merry gentlefolk
It’s Christmas! Let us shout!
Uncork the wine and laugh and joke
Let love and joy ring out
Sing on until our voices croak
While snow be round about
May sleigh day dreams be filled with hope
It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!
IT’S CHRISTMAS! Let us shout!

Neville Ambrose Xavier

Todays poem was:

The Christmas Pudding

Into the basin

put the plums,

Stir-about, stir-about,


Next the good

white flour comes,

Stir-about, stir-about

stir about!

Sugar and peel

and eggs and spice,

Stir-about, stir-about


Mix them and fix them

and cook them twice

Stir-about, stir-about



Eleanor said...

Such lovely ideas. I especially like the little decorations for the knitted tree, would love to do this for next year. The poems are a super idea too, so good to hear your boys appreciate poetry. (I have the B&Q drawers,still undecorated *red face*)
One of the simpler things I'm doing is to have gathered together all the Christmas books we have (my favourite is 'The last straw')numbered them to 24 and read one(or dip into if long) each day. I'm going to put each day on my blog (oops, I'm behind already).

Julie said...

I just love your little advent tree what a wonderful idea and love the little knitted items to hang on it - wonderful.

Caryn said...

This is a gorgeous idea. We have a wooden one from Costco that comes out each year but this would be so special.. My mum's an ace knitter too - wonder if she'd be able to do something like this for next year.

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Tree is fab! Looking forward to seeing the decs on it.

voodoo vixen said...

How cool is your Mum's knitted tree! The kids get to decorate too... great memories for the journal!!

Jenny said...

Wow brilliant advent ideas! I love that knitted tree any chance your mum can knit me one too? :-P x

Anonymous said...

I WANT ONE!!!!! (stamping feet and crying) that tree is amazing and the decorations are gorgeous what a fantastic idea.

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