Wednesday, 30 May 2007


No photos today I'm afraid. I'm just back from taking Andrew to the pictures to see Spiderman 3. I didn't think it was one of the best films, but Andrew seemed to enjoy it. Although I love Superhero movies I've never really liked the Spiderman films much (probably cause I hate spiders!!!). This one was full of angst and Spiderman having to decide between good or bad, and about his ongoing love life. Just in case you go to see it, I wont spoil it, suffice to say that he turns out OK in the end, although a few tears are shed along the way. The film I really want to go to see is Pirates of the Caribbean, it doesnt matter how long it is - it's got Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp in it! Hope to go maybe next weekend.

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Eleanor said...

Yes that's the one I'm waiting for, but I expect I'll wait longer than you, as we have to wait for the dvd, as Rick can't manage the cinema very well. We only saw the second one recently, I can't believe how I loved it.

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