Wednesday, 16 May 2007


We had a brilliant weekend at Gardenstown. Gardenstown is a small fishing village near Banff, on the north east coast of Scotland. It is built on the side of a very steep cliff! The friends house we were staying in is right on the front on the sea wall and has a fantastic view out to sea. I spent most of the weekend just watching the waves crashing over the rocks. The weather, although not as good as it has been, was fine. It didn't actually rain at any time.
On the Saturday morning it was good enough for the boys to go in the water and play at chasing the waves. They didnt stay in for very long and it was very cold!!! They really enjoyed themselves though.

On the Sunday night there was a fantastic sunset, so Gordon went out with his new tripod to take some photos. The difference that having a digital camera makes is great because we took so many photos just trying to get them right, and if we don't like them we don't need to keep them. I'm so glad we bought our camera.

It was a great break and even though we were tired by Monday night after the long drive (7 hours) it was well worth it. Although Andrew was 'exhausted' by the time he came home from school on Tuesday, but being the bad parents we are we sent him to his swimming lesson, only for Gordon to be called over the tannoy after ten mins to go and get him. He was too 'exhausted' to swim he said and couldn't go on. I'm so glad it wasn't me that had taken him this week.

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