Sunday, 18 March 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all mums everywhere. I had a lovely day today, got breakfast in bed. The children had made cards and I got a book, "The Tenderness of Wolves", X-men trilogy on DVD (I love super hero films) and some choccies. I baked a cake this morning and the children decorated it, with some help from their dad!

I've also been busy catching up with the photo prompts from her space: my space. The ornament one is of another wood carving that Gordon brought back from Malawi.

Plastic is some of mountains of Lego that we have accumulated over the years,

Soft is some of Andrew's soft toys collection and Curvy- just cos I liked it!

1 comment:

Eleanor said...

LOL, why am I so surprised that you like superhero films? I like Xmen too, and Charlie's Angels, and Spy Kids. Rick is writing a book in which he is a superhero, I'll save you a first edition!
Love that carving - it could have been the shiny prompt too.

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