Monday, 14 April 2014

A Pause in Lent - 6

Well here we are at Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week. Here is the poem from Stephen Cherry's book Barefoot Prayers for Palm Sunday


It's not like me to shout -
But then:
it's not like a Messiah to come -

Humble Messiah,
hear our hosannas today.
Hear us and help us.
Hear us and heal us.
Accept all that we throw at you:
our garments,
these branches,
the shouts
that come from our hearts, our
sharply broken hearts.

Heroic Son of David:
heal us, and
give us the hope we cannot grasp.

Holy Son of David:
heal us, and
open the gate of heaven.

Humble Son of David:
heal us, and
let us follow.

I have enjoyed joining in again this year and reading other people's posts, you can find them on Floss's blog and I wish you a good and blessed Holy Week.


Angela said...

And you too, Fiona xx

Kezzie said...

Oh this poem is perfect for my sad and weary heart. I can pray this and mean it with every word tonight x

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