Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pause in Lent 1

This is my first post for Floss's A Pause in Lent - you can find posts by other people here

I see Lent this year as a journey for me, a journey to Easter and the Power of the Resurrection. At my prayer course this week we were thinking through some ideas of what Lent means to each of us. What struck me was that it is a time of listening to the voice of discontent, that "holy discontent" that only God can bring in our lives. A time of listening to deep desires of our heart for ourselves and a time to follow those desires. A time of awakening. We planted seeds as a symbol of this.

This is the poem for today from the book Barefoot Prayers by Stephen Cherry


As the sum brightens the sky,
revealing the greens of the day,
touching the clouds with pink,
beckoning the birds to their wings
and ourselves to work...
Let our hearts rise within us.
Let our bodies unwind for activity,
Let our wills be trained to your purpose.

Let our dreams form our minds
and our minds sift our dreams.

Help us to be your servants this day.
To do your will and walk your way
with humility, care and true,
true, joy.


Floss said...

I like the idea of divine discontent, Fiona - perhaps it's relevant to what I've been through? And the prayer/reflection is lovely - I'm looking forward to this weeks's contribution - thanks!

Kezzie said...

That is a truly beautiful poem!x

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