Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lent ideas

Well we missed making pancakes yesterday - we just bought some instead this year. I was wondering what you are all doing for Lent this year, which starts today. I have got a couple of books to follow during Lent which are a bit different this year.

The first one is using the exercies of Ignatious. I have been doing a Growing in Prayer course which is based on Ignation Spirituality, so I though this would be interesting.

The second one is a book of prayer meditations.

Also for Lent there is this idea, which is gives you an idea/suggestion for each day of something to do. I might dip into it.

I am pleased to say that Floss is running A Pause in Lent again this year, so I hope to join in with that as well. There will be a post every Sunday/Monday in Lent. You can find the details on her blog

What, if anything, are you doing for this season of Lent?

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Fat Dormouse said...

Hi Fiona
Thanks to the link for 40Acts - I've signed up, but I don't know how successful I'll be at following it all. We'll see.

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