Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Water, water

My word for the year got tested last week when we had a flood, due to a joint failing in the mains pipe, the water poured out into the lower ground floor, which has the study and my craft area. There was about an inch of water over the whole floor! When I chose the word Strengthen I did not really think that we would have to strengthen pipes!

The pile of 12x12 papers which are totally water damaged - around 250 sheets, I counted them!!

The worst thing is the damage to the books, the pile on the floor are the water damaged ones. Of course the water managed to miss the smaller paperbacks and headed straight for the expensive hardbacks!

The room is now empty and we have around 30 boxes of books in another room awaiting the floor to dry and be replaced. To add to it all  there is a leak in the ceiling in the same room which potentially will need the flat roof redone!!!

Maybe I should have chosen a different word!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Oh what a bummer! Yes, it looks like strengthen will mean many things this year.

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