Friday, 30 August 2013

Learn Something New 2013

Its almost September again so it must be time for Shimelle's Learn Something New every day class. You can read about on her blog here. I did the first LSN but surely it can't be 7 years ago now. I went checking on my blog and I only started blogging in 2007 so that was after the first class. The first year was about the only time I actually completed the whole class I think - I must go check out my mini books to see.

I was wondering this year about trying to do the class using blog entries,  as I know that there is no way I will complete an actual scrapbooking project every day (and I have so many unfinished projects needing my attention). I might try and take a photo each day to link in with the theme - still pondering this one.

What about you - are you joining in this year? Have you joined in in the past?


Donna Irwin said...

I have never gone back to this since my friend's son was murdered at the beginning of the first one I signed up for, and everything I learned seemed to be sad. I would like to do it again but do not have time - as you say too many unfinished projects already. I think a photo blog entry is a great idea - I may copy! Donna x

Jane said...

I've been doing it for several years now, it's my favourite class. Doing the same as Shimelle did last year, divided page protectors so should be easy to complete.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I feel like I"m doing it two ways this year - instagram photos (which I'm taking throughout the day as I find possible lessons) and then a faces art journal with my actual lesson documented.

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