Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Coffee?

Do you have time for a coffee? Abi has a monthly meme - you can check out others posts.

Anyway I would ask you round for a coffee as the summer draws to a close. We would drink tea and nibble on biscuits (or cake). I would have a brief moan about how I really shouldn't be eating cake as I am trying to lose weight with Weightwatchers and not doing too good.

We would chat about our summers - I would say that I have enjoyed my summer, our holidays were good this year unbelievable weather and that I do feel relaxed after the stresses of the past year. I would tell you that there are have two birthdays so far this month, mine and my younger son, both of which were good.

I would say that my eldest son is getting ready to go back to University next weekend for his second year. We would talk about our hopes and fears for our children - I would say that his first year has been a good one and that I hope his second will be too. I would also say that I really hope he exerts himself and manages to find a part-time job this year, after being unsuccessful in finding one over the summer holidays. I would say that Andrew seems to have settled back into school fine.

We would wonder what the Autumn session will bring us in our family lives and what new craft things we want to do over the next few months.

Then sadly it would time to go with the promise of meeting up again soon.


Melissa said...

What a lovely visit today! We had a wonderful summer, too.

Sinead said...

Hello there, I just came over from Abi's blog! Thank you for coffee :D I also really enjoyed this summer though I can't quite believe it's now over. Belated happy birthday wishes and best of luck to your son going back to uni.

Miriam said...

Good luck to your son. I remember my son's uni days, the hopes and dreams, the worries and the fun they have. All too soon it was over... Sympathies with the weight loss/or not, such a hard time.

magsmcc said...

Fiona, I would love to have a coffee with you! I would talk about all these things, but also about what we're reading, as it's often the same book or something similar, and I'd want to talk about the process of moving house as well! How nice that would be! Come over to mine next time! (Admittedly there's not much going on chez moi at the minute, though you may have tempted me back!)

Abi said...

Hi Fiona. Thank you for having tea with me this month. I am going back to my second year of university too and the summer has simply flown!

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