Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Finding Fun - Wk 2 - Houses

I knew I was going to keep this post until after I could make my announcement about moving. As you can imagine houses are very much on my mind at the moment. Normally when a minister moves the church has a manse and you just move straight into it, no problems. Not this time though. The church we are going to have decided to sell their manse, so it looks like we will be going into rented property for a time. We are going through to Edinburgh next Friday to look at some houses and hopefully we will be able to decide then.

I thought it would be fun to think about how many houses I have lived in since I was born, sadly I don't have photos of them! I was born in Broxburn, West Lothian, so house number 1 is there (only for 6 months mind you). Then we moved to Selkirk in the Borders, then to Allandale for a very short time, then we moved on to Kirkcaldy, where my sister was born. Then we moved to Kilbirnie Ayrshire, then on to Kelso in the Borders. You keeping up that's six houses so far! We only stayed in Kelso for six months then moved back to Kilbirnie, while there we stayed in two different houses (that's us up to 8). We then moved to Greenock. When I was 22 I struck out on my own and moved to Glasgow, I stayed in two different bedsits during that time, (that makes 10 now). Before my wedding I moved back home briefly, back to Greenock - but to a different house as my parents had moved. That makes 11 houses before I was married at the age of 27.

Married life started off in Partick Glasgow, then we moved to New Cumnock Ayrshire and then here to Stranraer, where we have been for 12 years.

That makes a total of 14 houses so far in my life. How many houses have you lived in?


Maria Ontiveros said...

My parents lived in the same house for most of my life (they moved there when I was one). Paul and I have lived in our current house for about 20 years. So, I'm pretty house-steady. Of course,there were a variety of dorm rooms and apartments in school, but those are a bit hard to count.

magsmcc said...

Oh Fiona- do you read the blog In This Life- an Edinburgh blogger of great humour and insight, and very kind!

Jimjams said...

We've been in this house for nearly 20 years ... but I've lived in exactly 20 other houses (in 5 countries) before then ... WOW! Thanks for making me count up - I may have to do a scrapbook page on that!

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